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Chhath Puja is a Conscious Photoenergization Process. With the body purified by prescribed methods of fasting, the vratti (devotee) stand in water (navel deep) thus rejuvenating the nervous system. Praying before the rising/setting sun, the photons enter through the eyes and the skin of the vratti (devotee) and passing through the brain, it generated a bioelectricity which charges the entire body with the solar energy.

  • The physical bodies of all the living organisms are highly sophisticated energy conducting channels
  • The solar bio-electricity starts flowing in the human body when it is exposed to solar radiations of specific wavelengths.
  • Under particular physical and mental conditions, the absorption and conduction of this solar-bio-electricity increases.
  • The processes and the rituals of Chhath puja aim at preparing the body and the mind of the (Vratti) devotee for the process of Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion.
  • Not many people are aware that the scientific process similar to Chhath was used by the Rishis of yore for carrying their austerities without any intake of solid or liquid diet. Using the process similar to the Chhath puja, they were able to absorb the energy needed for sustenance directly from the sun, instead of taking it indirectly through food and water.

Retina is a kind of photoelectric material, which emits subtle energy when exposed to light.  Hence, very subtle electric energy starts flowing from retina. This energy (photo-bio-electricity) is transmitted from retina to the Pineal gland by the optic nerves connecting the retina to the pineal gland. This leads to activation of the pineal gland. Pineal gland is in close proximity with the pituitary and hypothalamus glands (together, three glands are called Triveni) due to which, the energy generated in this process starts impacting these glands. Consequently, the pranic activity becomes uniform, giving the Vratti a good health and a calm mind.

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